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Process to register, use and get support for the Moodle
by Syed Hassan - Friday, 1 November 2019, 1:06 PM


Following is the process to register, use and get support for the Moodle:

 1. Teacher/Manager requests to Admin (Syed) for the addition of new user/s or assignment of existing teachers in the Moodle as Editing/non-Editing teacher by emailing to

     a. A New user in the above mentioned point no. 1 may be a learner or an (Editing/non-Editing) teacher

     b. For learners, please provide the following Information in the Excel columns: Exact Course name as in the Moodle, First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

     c. For teachers, please provide the following information in the Excel columns: Exact Course Name as in the Moodle, Editing or non-Editing teacher, First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

 2. Admin (Syed) creates new user (Learner/Editing Teacher/non-Editing Teacher)

    a. Admin assigns the new/existing teacher as Editing/non-Editing Teacher to their relevant course/s

 3. Editing Teacher enrolls and un-enrolls their learners

    a. Editing Teacher updates the course calendar, communicates to learners by messages and shares resources for learners

 4. If there are any new users, queries or difficulties, learners/Managers/teachers contact Admin ( for their solution

     a. All users can reset their passwords by using the "Forgot Password button" without requesting assistance from Admin

     b. Presentations are under preparation for providing the "how to" information for learners and teachers and will be provided in due course

     c. In case Syed is not reachable, please contact:

         1. Kevin Rowland (,

         2. Manish Shrestha (,

         3. Janie Hewitt ( or 

         4. Syed Ameer Shah (

      in the given order as above 

Kind regards

Syed Hassan